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Half life: 1.50 ms 5  
E(level):199 keV
Jp:(le 6+)
Sn (keV): 5983 31
Sp (keV): 8540 47
ENSDF citation:NDS 75,739 (1995)
Literature cut-off date: 1-May-1995
Author(s): J. Blachot and G. Marguier
References since cut-off: 114Ag decay from 1995-98 (NSR)
Decay properties:
ModeBranching (%)Q-value (keV)  
Data sets:
Mode  Data set nameDisplay data
IT114AG IT DECAY (1.50 MS)
ENSDF data:
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Gammas from 114mAg (1.50 ms 5)
Eg (keV)     Ig (%)    Decay mode

34.5  IT 
43.9  IT 
47.4  IT 
73.1  IT 

* Relative intensity




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